Neurologic Disorders & Conditions

There are hundreds of diseases and conditions that affect the nervous system and the muscles. They cannot possibly all be listed here, but over 90% of the patients we see have problems that fall under the categories listed.


Neurologic conditions can be broadly divided into those that affect (1) the central nervous system [the brain and spinal cord], (2) the peripheral nervous system [the motor nerves that control the muscles, the sensory nerves which bring sensation to the central nervous system from the body, the autonomic nerves which regulate functions such as blood pressure, sweating, the regulation of internal organs], and (3) the muscles.


The brain sends signals to the rest of the body and the muscles through nerves and receives information from the body through other nerves. The body is essentially a puppet, and the brain is the puppeteer.


The Internet is a wonderful source of good information about neurological diseases as well as a means of finding associations, support groups, promising new therapies, and clinical trials. Unfortunately, it is also a source of misinformation as anyone is free to put anything they want out there. So we have tried to include some suggestions which we have checked out and think are most helpful.