I've been interested in genealogy (family history) since childhood. Both my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother were genealogists. Some of their writings are reproduced here in my website. It was my grandmother especially who kindled the interest in me. I have always had a curiousity about history, and I believe that learning the history of ancestors is the most personal way to connect with history, and I have read much history that I would not have read had I not had an involved ancestor.


Biographies of Ancestors

This section contains individual biographies of ancestors.

Banks/Dean Genealogy

This section contains a web-based multimedia family tree constructed from my genealogical database (The Master Genealogist, v. 7.04) using John Cardinal's Second Site software. Living people are omitted to protect their privacy.

Selected Genealogical Websites

Database & research sites

Some Recommended Genealogical Books