Classic Cameras



This is a "virtual" camera collection that I assembled prior to 1992. When we moved to Oregon, my wife prevailed upon me to sell most of the collection on eBay. It was hard to part with, but she was correct that I was not actively using them, they would just deteriorate, they required a lot of storage space, and she would have a chore to dispose of them should I predecease her. So I kept a few but sold most. Sadly, most of the best ones went overseas, as American collectors were almost always outbid by the Japanese or Germans. Since I kept many of the photographs I used to prepare the eBay listings, I decided I would put them here into this collection so I could look at them and remember the fun of collecting these.

Most of these cameras were acquired from private individuals, not dealers. I would look for classifieds or else go to shows and trade with other show attendees. One type I learned to spot at the shows was the elderly woman carrying a camera bag. She often was going from table to table to see what the dealers there would offer her. She was usually disappointed with the offers. I would then approach her and make her a better offer than any of the dealers and end up getting her deceased husband's cameras for substantially less than what the dealers would charge and she would get more than they would have given her.

My favorite book on the subject of collecting is/was Collecting and Using Classic Cameras, and Collecting and Using Classic SLRs by Ivor Matanle.

Jason Schneider also has published an informative series of books Jason Schneider on Camera Collecting, Jason Schneider on Camera Collecting; Book 2, and Jason Schneider on Camera Collecting Book III , all of which are out of print, but can be had used.

Famous makes such as Leica, Nikon, and Canon have entire books dedicated to the series which are useful.

The collector will also want a price guide such as McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 2005-2006 (latest edition available), to make sure the price advertised is reasonable. Obviously, eBay is the place most people buy collectable cameras.